Alternative (Bugs)

Alternative is the first song on the Smokstik album Bugs. Released in 1998- this album features John Kingvegas Kiehne on Chapman Stick and vocals and Hillary Koogler on the drums. Tracks recorded on one 8-track ADAT machine in Brighton, MA in 1998.

This was inspired by the bike messenger/ alternative culture prevalent in Boston in the ’90’s. Funny how it has blossomed into a full-time movement sans the hippie stuff.

smokstik: bugs

Alternative- music and lyrics by John Kingvegas Kiehne

Hey man- cool dreads
And I’m really into those holes and rings and all that shit in your head
Those sideburns really make you look sexy
I’m really into that soulpatch goatee kinda thing
The super long wallet chain hangin on the ground
goes great with those oversize pants and makes a cool fuckin’ jinglin’ sound
When you ride your skateboard and carry your courier bag
I’m really into your style yo cuz you are mighty mad phat!

You’re so Alternative!(3x)

Nice ink- is that a dragon or a fish?
I can’t wait til that sleeve gets finished!
I think being vegan is cool- I’m from another planet, too
You look better in my hand me downs from sixth grade than I do
Hey- I don’t wear makeup- or shave my legs or my pits either
Mmmm mmmm that outfit that’s real Leave it to Beaver
I think it’s cool how you’re into your diet and the environment and all that stuff
But don’t you worry about getting cancer from all those butts that you puff?

You’re so Alternative! (3x)

You’re phat y’all- and that’s a fact y’all
The dope is in the house and it’s all good y’all (2x)

So Alternative (8x)