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Money Tree Lyric Vid

Here’s the new lyric video for the new Smokstik single “Money Tree”. Enjoy!!! Download your own copy today!!! Money Tree by Smokstik

The video for the new Smokstik single Fill Me Up

Check out this awesome, scary and exciting music video for Smokstik’s new single Fill Me Up! This tune was originally written to be a contest entry to be featured on more »

Smokstik video for single “Corn Cob Bob”

Here’s the awesome and exciting video for the new Smokstik single “Corn Cob Bob”. Appreciate my first attempt at using a chroma key effect and the fact that I filmed more »

Kingvegas plays Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight on Warr Guitar

Kingvegas on the Warr Guitar performing Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight with the Mixtape cover band.

Kingvegas on Warr Guitar performing Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative

I dunno. We all have to make money- right? I actually like this tune. It has a funky bassline and stuff. Kingvegas on the Warr Guitar with the Mixtape cover more »

Kingvegas Demos Warr Guitar pt 2

In the second of this 2-part video series Kingvegas demonstrates some of the sounds and techniques that he uses on the Warr Guitar.

Kingvegas Demos Warr Guitar pt 1

In this video Kingvegas demonstrates the puzzling and fantastic Warr Guitar. The Warr Guitar is manufactured by Mark Warr and his company Warr Guitars. Featuring 12 strings- 5 “bass” and more »

Yelawolf/ Travis Barker’s Push Em remix featuring Kingvegas

Check out the new Smokstik remix featuring Yelawolf and Travis Barker’s new single “Push ‘Em” from their new EP Psycho White! Their EP drops on 11/13/12 so make sure you more »

The Smokstik Shake video

That’s right- I got on the meme theme and did my version of the Harlem Shake and called it the Smokstik Shake. Check out this entertaining video that I made! more »