Corn Cob Bob (single)

Corn Cob Bob is a tune that I co-wrote with my friend Ricky Davis (RIP) back in high school. It has been performed many times and recorded a few but this is the first time that I finished a recording and released a version of this song. A little bit country, a little bit silly and a little bit of shredding. Check out the video, too!

Featuring Kingvegas on Warr Guitar, vocals and real, live drums!!! (Can’t wait to be able to record live drum tracks again!!!)

Recorded in the Lab using Ardour (Linux) in 2012.

Corn Cob Bob- words by Rick Davis (RIP) and John Kingvegas Kiehne- music by John Kingvegas Kiehne

Come on out to friendly Bob’s
We got your car with the fancy knobs
We’ll thrown in a pair of fuzzy dice or two
Well the cars we make don’t run too well
We get two back from every one we sell
But we sure get happy on seeing you starve to death
If financin’ is the thing for you cuz
you come from a Southern Baptist Jew then
Come on down and sign on the dotted line
Don’t matter if you’re rich or casually poor
Just come on out and see our store
We’ll fix you up with a Mercedes guaranteed!

Just talk to old friendly Bob
He’s the one with the corn cob
And I don’t want to tell where he puts it!
If ya got a car or a kid or two
Just bring em down we make trades dude
Don’t matter if you have your old mother-in-law
We’ll gladly thrown in a 3-speed fan for a dip of that Red Man
I don’t chew snuff cuz it gets caught between our teeth
We located off of Interstate 6- out in a pasture kinda in the sticks
You don’t even need a crow to find this place

If the smell don’t get ya old Lulu will
She’s our secretary with breath to kill
And I don’t even want to talk about what’s under that skirt
So when you’re in the market for a new set of wheels
Just come on down we’ve got your deals
Just tell ’em old Corn Cob Bob sent ya.
Yee haw!!