Cracker (2)

The Smokstik song Cracker appears on the Smokstik album 2 that was released in 2010. Recorded in 2002 and featuring Kingvegas on Warr Guitar and vocals and Joe Meyer on drums this album features a new era in Kingvegas’ playing and songwriting. This album was recorded using Steinberg’s Cubase DAW and drum tracks were recorded at Sally T’s in St. Peters, Mo. (RIP)

Smokstik: 2


Cracker (2)- lyrics and music by Kingvegas
I like to hang with the homies at the crib
Slaxin’ relaxin’ take it easy kid
Got the Sony Playstation discs playin’ on the player
Time to order out and get some ladies for later

I’m not wack- I’m not a fudge-packer
I’m just a superfly rock-hard bad-ass cracker
Step to this and you will get a fist
But if you’re a hottie with a body I’ll give you a kiss

Hey cracker- you’re my cracker
Don’t call me cracker
Cracker Cracker Cracker

I got the skills- to pat the bills
My rhymes are dope and my grooves are ill
I make the moves I put the money in the middle
I got the sticky sweet flavor like the golden griddle

I’m a baller- shot caller
Drive a van cuz I’m a big gear hauler
Step aside- I’m comin’ through
Available soon at a store near you

Hey Cracker
You’re my cracker
Don’t call me cracker
cracker cracker cracker

If you don’t think that funk is flowing in my veins huh
You must be crazy must be going insane huh
Phat and fresh can’t ever get you’re fill huh
Real dope can’t ignore the skills huh


Hey Cracker- you’re my cracker
Don’t call me cracker
Well I’m no cracker
But you’re a cracker
Cracker cracker cracker
Don’t call me cracker