Fish (Bugs)

Fish or “My Fish Has Wings” was the first Smokstik tune I wrote. Gary Morrell and I were jamming on this funky little groove and Fish evolved from that. I can’t begin to tell you where the inspiration for the lyrics came from but I had a pretty clear idea in my head of what I wanted to write.
This was demoed a few times but the final version was recorded and released for the Bugs album in 1998 featuring Hillary Koogler on the drums. She also contributed some background vocals on this tune. I played a “Grand Stick” on this tune- a 12-string Chapman Stick. Guitar and bass sounds came from Digitech 2101 Preamps.

This was always a favorite when I busked and so far has remained probably my most popular tune. I believe that I took just a few minutes to write the lyrics and the groove was a static and simple little thing that just came off the top of my head. Funny how that works!

Like the rest of the tunes on Bugs this tune was recorded on one 8-track ADAT machine in my apartment in Brighton, MA though the drums were tracked in my brother’s living room in Haverhill, MA borrowing a couple of mics from my friend Dave Westner- who also went on to become my roommate and occasional Smokstik drummer as well.

This song received some college airplay and was also featured in an independent movie from a Boston film maker.

smokstik: bugs


Fish- lyrics and music by John Kingvegas Kiehne

I live in a house the size of a box
My clothes are filthy and my car is on blocks
But in one corner I keep my most prized treasure
A winged fish- my only pleasure
I sit and I watch him day and night
Does he possess the power of flight?
I’d lift the lid but I don’t care
So I just sit in my EZ chair and vacantly stare

My Fish- has wings (4x)

His name is Pete and I don’t know why
Just seemed right for a fish who could fly
That Pete he’s better than cable TV
Cuz he swims right there in front of me
His wings are folded against his side
I wonder how long it’s been since that fish flied
Around and around and around he swims in his square glass pen
Do you think he sleeps now and then?

My Fish- has wings (4x)

He swims around in his square glass cage
Does that fish think, dream or rage?
What would happen if I lifted the hood
Would he fly away if he could?
His head is yellow and his eyes are blue
His body is purple and his wings are blue, too
He measures just about 4 inches in length
But he seems to possess supernatural strength!

My Fish- has wings (4x)

My Fish- has wings- and he does crazy things
My Fish- has wings- he’s my everything (8x)