Five Finger (2)

The Smokstik song Five Finger appears on the Smokstik album 2 that was released in 2010. Recorded in 2002 and featuring Kingvegas on Warr Guitar and vocals and Joe Meyer on drums this album features a new era in Kingvegas’ playing and songwriting. This album was recorded using Steinberg’s Cubase DAW and drum tracks were recorded at Sally T’s in St. Peters, Mo. (RIP)

Five Finger Discount (2)- words and music by John Kingvegas Kiehne
I want something that I just can’t have
I’m out of cash- not that I ever had any
How can I get myself a color TV
When nobody will give any money to me

Don’t want to work but I gotta get a new shirt
Oh God it hurts but I gotta think of me first
I gotta have it- so I’m gonna grab it
Then I’ll run like hell from the 5-0 dragnet

I’m gonna get me a five finger discount (8x)

I spent a year locked in the state pen
I was a bitch bending over for a bunch of men
But now I’m out and I’m all rehabilited
The real world was the thing that I really hated
Why should I have to pay for cheap shit anyway
I’m gettin’ what I paid for- that’s all I got to say
I don’t give a damn about anyone but myself
So I will live free off a store shelf

I’m gonna get me a five finger discount (8x)