Ha Ha (2)

The Smokstik song Ha Ha appears on the Smokstik album 2 that was released in 2010. Recorded in 2002 and featuring Kingvegas on Warr Guitar and vocals and Joe Meyer on drums this album features a new era in Kingvegas’ playing and songwriting. This album was recorded using Steinberg’s Cubase DAW and drum tracks were recorded at Sally T’s in St. Peters, Mo. (RIP)

Ha Ha (2)- words and music by John Kingvegas Kiehne
You drive like a dipshit
Only think about yourself
Where is the fire
You cut me off in traffic
Then you had a wreck
And you got a ticket

Honked at the green light
Then you passed me on the right
You ran into a parked car
You rode on my bumper
Then you flashed your brights
I slammed on my brakes yeah

Ha Ha Ha Ha (6x)

Hey man- where’d you learn to drive?
You think that only the fastest can survive?
You’re wasting my life and your life too
If you fuck up we’re both gonna get screwed
All you can do is think of yourself
You don’t care if you hurt someone else
I see no reason why
Wake up idiot someone’s gonna die!!!

You passed me going 90
Got pulled over up ahead
You lost your license
You got out of your car
Ran up and threatened me
I’ve got a gun yeah

Ha Ha Ha Ha (6x)