Smokstik on Bandcamp

We’re also on this cool site called Bandcamp. They let us sell our stuff and get most of the money. Plus it’s really easy to post stuff. If you’re not more »

Smokstik on Facebook

Everybody’s on Facebook now, right? Well- Smokstik is, too. Please “like” our Facebook page for updates about stuff that’s going on. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/SMOKSTIK

Smokstik Merch Store

Check out official Smokstik merchandise at our shop on! We are in the process of designing new stuff and some exclusive little items, too. Check it out!!!

Smokstik on CD Baby

Get the Smokstik albums on CD Baby!!! We have been using CD Baby as our distributor since 1998 when we released Bugs. Fortunately they were forward-thinking and jumped right into more »

Smokstikdotcom (the Shameless Smokstik Plug Song)

What’s the web address? S-M-O-K-S-T-I-K.COM!!! Do you follow Smokstik on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so forth? Listen to the song and follow along!

Smokstik vs Yelawolf and Travis Barker- “Push ‘Em” remix

Check out the new Smokstik remix featuring Yelawolf and Travis Barker’s new single “Push ‘Em” from their new EP Psycho White! Their EP drops on 11/13/12 so make sure you more »

The video for the new Smokstik single Fill Me Up

Check out this awesome, scary and exciting music video for Smokstik’s new single Fill Me Up! You can download your own copy at WWW.KINGVEGAS.BANDCAMP.COM.

Smokstik video for single “Corn Cob Bob”

Here’s the awesome and exciting video for the new Smokstik single “Corn Cob Bob”. This tune is available for download at WWW.KINGVEGAS.BANDCAMP.COM. Enjoy!!!


Check out Smokstik on Soundcloud to get some exclusive samples, tunes and mixes. This a great place to find new music!