Running Things- New Smokstik Single

  Running Things by Smokstik Smokstik has released a new single called Running Things. This song was written as a reminder for Kingvegas to stay focused and get things done. more »

The 500 Song (The Abarth Rocks)- the New Smokstik Single

The 500 Song (The Abarth Rocks) by Smokstik Here’s the first Smokstik release of 2016. I’ve been working on this tune for a few years and finally got it finished. more »

Money Tree Lyric Vid

Here’s the new lyric video for the new Smokstik single “Money Tree”. Enjoy!!! Download your own copy today!!! Money Tree by Smokstik

New Smokstik Single- Money Tree

I’ve been sitting on this tune for a while and I’ve decided to let it go. Hope that you enjoy it!!! Money Tree by Smokstik

The Warr Guitar Challenge

I have been making music with Smokstik since 1995. My commitment to producing and releasing material as well as doing shows has waxed and waned over the years but my more »

Shooting Video for the Shameless Smokstik Promo Song

We are currently in the process of scripting the shoots for our video for the Shameless Smokstik Promo Song. We will be featuring a variety of locations around the St. more »

Smokstik Podcast One- All About Smokstik

Here is our first podcast!!! Kingvegas dishes on where Smokstik began, where it’s been and where it’s going. Check it out!!!

The video for the new Smokstik single Fill Me Up

Check out this awesome, scary and exciting music video for Smokstik’s new single Fill Me Up! This tune was originally written to be a contest entry to be featured on more »

Smokstik video for single “Corn Cob Bob”

Here’s the awesome and exciting video for the new Smokstik single “Corn Cob Bob”. Appreciate my first attempt at using a chroma key effect and the fact that I filmed more »

We Found Love (Rihanna cover)

Here’s Smokstik covering Rihanna’s hit song We Found Love. It may be a little sappy but it was fun to cover! Dig Kingvegas waxing poetic in the intro. LOL This more »

Smokstik Workout Mix One

Here’s a mix for you to run, workout or do some housework to. This mix contains a variety of rockin’ material. 30 minutes of non-stop music. Stay tuned for more more »

The Catalyst Remix (Kingvegas vs Linkin Park)

This is a remix of the Linkin Park single “the Catalyst”. Featuring Kingvegas on Warr Guitar and Joe Meyer on the drums. I guess it’s a little like Chester Bennington more »

Push Em Remix (Kingvegas vs Yelawolf/Travis Barker)

Kingvegas rocked this awesome remix of the Yelawolf/ Travis Barker tune Push Em off of the Psycho White album. Featuring Kingvegas on Warr Guitar and some extra drum programming. All more »

Fill Me Up (single)

Here’s the recent single Fill Me Up. Released in 2012- this tune was first written as a submission for a competition to be featured on the TV show Vampire Diaries. more »