Suck Her Dry (2)

The Smokstik song Suck Her Dry appears on the Smokstik album 2 that was released in 2010. Recorded in 2002 and featuring Kingvegas on Warr Guitar and vocals and Joe Meyer on drums this album features a new era in Kingvegas’ playing and songwriting. This album was recorded using Steinberg’s Cubase DAW and drum tracks were recorded at Sally T’s in St. Peters, Mo. (RIP)

Suck Her Dry (2)- words and music by John Kingvegas Kiehne
Human beings are very destructive
They must consume- in order live
Planet earth is only a dumpster
Shit is all that they have to give

Consume and eliminate
The waste that we generate
Pollute and assimilate
I hope it’s not too late

The human race will suck her dry (4x)

Cars and roads and buildings and planes and
Guns and drugs and material things
God-given right to take everything
Make her suffer- cause her pain

The human race will suck her dry (4x)

Suck her dry (4x)