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We Found Love (Rihanna cover)

Here’s Smokstik covering Rihanna’s hit song We Found Love. It may be a little sappy but it was fun to cover! Dig Kingvegas waxing poetic in the intro. LOL This more »

Smokstik Workout Mix One

Here’s a mix for you to run, workout or do some housework to. This mix contains a variety of rockin’ material. 30 minutes of non-stop music. Stay tuned for more more »

The Catalyst Remix (Kingvegas vs Linkin Park)

This is a remix of the Linkin Park single “the Catalyst”. Featuring Kingvegas on Warr Guitar and Joe Meyer on the drums. I guess it’s a little like Chester Bennington more »

Push Em Remix (Kingvegas vs Yelawolf/Travis Barker)

Kingvegas rocked this awesome remix of the Yelawolf/ Travis Barker tune Push Em off of the Psycho White album. Featuring Kingvegas on Warr Guitar and some extra drum programming. All more »

The Smokstik Shake

Here’s the Smokstik version of the Harlem Shake meme. I redid it the Smokstik way with Warr Guitar, vocals and drum programming.It was fun to try to re-create the feel more »

Kingvegas plays Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight on Warr Guitar

Kingvegas on the Warr Guitar performing Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight with the Mixtape cover band.

Kingvegas on Warr Guitar performing Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative

I dunno. We all have to make money- right? I actually like this tune. It has a funky bassline and stuff. Kingvegas on the Warr Guitar with the Mixtape cover more »