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The video for the new Smokstik single Fill Me Up

Check out this awesome, scary and exciting music video for Smokstik’s new single Fill Me Up! This tune was originally written to be a contest entry to be featured on more »

Fill Me Up (single)

Here’s the recent single Fill Me Up. Released in 2012- this tune was first written as a submission for a competition to be featured on the TV show Vampire Diaries. more »

Motherland (2)

The Smokstik song Motherland appears on the Smokstik album 2 that was released in 2010. Recorded in 2002 and featuring Kingvegas on Warr Guitar and vocals and Joe Meyer on more »

Trampoline (Bugs)

Trampoline is from the Smokstik EP Bugs. Released in 1998 and featuring Kingvegas on Chapman Stick and vocals and Hillary Koogler on drums this first Smokstik release highlights many facets more »

Smokstik Mix One

Here’s a mix of a variety of Smokstik album cuts, some new singles and some instrumentals. Take it out for a spin and see what you think! This mix is more »