The 500 Song (The Abarth Rocks)- the New Smokstik Single

Here’s the first Smokstik release of 2016. I’ve been working on this tune for a few years and finally got it finished. I hope that my output of new Smokstik material will be much better in 2016. I have a bunch of unfinished tunes that just need a little polish to be ready to go. I play Warr Guitar, sing and program the drums on this one. (as well as writing and recording it)

This song is about the Fiat 500 Abarth- my “dream” car so to speak. Though I have driven many cars and test-driven everything from Mercedes to Audis to Camaros and Dodge Vipers there’s something about the little Abarth that I fell in love with.

A few years ago my vehicle was broken down and I needed to rent a car for a weekend. I went to the car rental place and was greeted by Marco- a young Italian guy who was very personable. We chatted about MotoGP and Valentino Rossi (legendary Italian motorcycle racer) as he led me out to this goofy tiny Fiat. I was like “is this your personal car or something?”. I had seen them before but dismissed them as too tiny and a little dangerous.

500 song thumbWhen I got in the Fiat 500 it was surprisingly comfortable and roomy for such a small car and I was very pleasantly surprised with it’s “zippyness” as I took off out of the parking lot. Over the next few days I fell in love with that little car- which was only the “Pop” version or base model.

A few months later I test-drove an Abarth model (turbocharged and more sporty) and I totally fell in love. I was inspired to write this tune about my brief experiences with this car and I also maybe harbor a wish that this tune will help me get a little closer to actually getting my own 500 Abarth.

Every lyric is composed from experience and reflects my infatuation with this goofy little car. I can’t wait until I have one of my own! Stay tuned for a music video featuring the Fiat 500 Abarth. It’s a love affair!

All proceeds from this tune will go into my “Save for the Abarth” fund.

500 single cover


500 Song (The Abarth Rocks)
(written by John Kiehne, performed by Smokstik, copyright 2016)

Rollin’ in my Fiat A-B-A-R-T-H
Dimepiece on my right- wind in my face
Smokstik on the system- noddin’ to the beat
Left hand on the wheel right hand on the 5 speed

160 horses- 17 inch rims
Heated leather bucket seats and full leather trim
Open up the sunroof and press on the gas
Feel acceleration that will kick you in the ah ah ah ah

Exhaust note sounds like music to my ears
Turbo’s spinnin’ up while I slam through the gears
I’m never disappointed- the fun never stops
Everybody gotta know the Abarth rocks

The Abarth rocks, the Abarth rocks
Everybody turnin’ heads feelin’ that exhaust
Italian engineering- 500 is the boss
Everybody gotta know the Abarth rocks

Spoiler on the hatch- scorpion on the rims
Tint on the windows so you can’t see in
500 sippin’ gas like fine espresso
Easy on the wallet but mean on the throttle

Put it in Sport Mode let out the clutch
Step on the gas pedal feel that rush
Hitting every corner like I’m Mario Andretti
But it feels like a rollerskate I’m Valentino Rossi

Put down the back seat throw in my gear
I can’t believe that everything fits in here
I was once a hater then I fell in love
It may not be much but it’s just enough


A-B-A-R-T-H c’mon do you want to race I might win
Hear the turbo hiss my engine might be small but listen to that growl
It will infect you make you want to get one for you
So that you can feel the glory make your Fiat Abarth story